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Welcome to 2052

Welcome to 2052

This is humanity’s last year on Earth, at least that’s what everyone keeps saying. I’ve been living here in the District since they started the countdown. About four years past. Everything started to get crazy after that terrorist bombing. It happened right after the last election, funny enough well before we knew it would be the last. President didn’t have much to run on besides vowing to stop the apocalypse. Guess he couldn’t have known all the state governments would crumble leaving us in these big sanctuaries. The United Sanctuaries of America.

Most of us just keep living if we can, keep hoping things go back to something. Maybe not normal, but something close, something reasonable. The Resilient Nations of Global Unity will figure it out, right? They have to. Otherwise, in 215 days, the end is just gonna come. And we are aaallll gonna go.

— signed, on the edge.