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205Z: Time and Salvation (Paperback)


​The year is 2052, humanity’s last year on Earth. Natural disasters have ravaged the Earth leaving nations devastated, food and resources limited, and civil unrest rising among a doomed population crammed into claustrophobic cities.

With only 215 days left until the apocalypse, Allister Adams, a young African-American man with traces of inhuman DNA and supernatural abilities, is swept out of hiding when he intervenes to stop a terror attack. He’s soon caught in a war for alien artifacts between two rival organizations: a government-organized task force of genetically advanced Evolutionaries like him, and a group of radical, stateless Evolutionaries orchestrating terror attacks worldwide for reasons no one yet understands.

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While fighting to overcome his fear of his abilities, Allister learns that these alien artifacts, hidden beneath Earth’s surface for millennia, are humanity’s only hope of escaping the series of catastrophic disasters predicted to culminate in the apocalypse. And he might be the last living Evolutionary strong enough to retrieve them.

Allister’s battles take him to the ruins of Los Angeles, the terrifying vault under the government task force, and a years-long storm over Iraq known as the Middle Beast. Led by mysterious messages from his dead father, he will unravel the secrets of both organizations, and as the world ticks toward destruction, he will have to choose his fear or his potential.

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