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Explore the Future

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May 2022


Star SVG Get CYNQUED Photo

June 2022

Connect to Your Heritage

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July 2022

Awaken Your Inner Evolutionary

Awaken Your Inner Evolutionary Photo

July 2022

2052 Survival Toolkit

Star SVG 2052 Survival Toolkit Photo

August 2022

Read to Earn

Read to Earn Photo

September 2022

Anthologies of Andromeda

Anthologies of Andromeda Photo

January 2023

Welcome to the first read-to-earn game

We are independent pioneers at the intersection of literature, immersion, and web3, seeking to bridge old technologies (books) and new technologies (crypto), as well as bring together entertainment and empowerment.

The art team

the cmd studios

jared olserver

mehdi hadi

arturo wong


orestis konstantinidis

discord game design: bahati games

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The age of disconnection is over.
The Key to Unlocking Your Power is here.
Introducing Technology built to unite humanity.

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Cosmic Collection CYNQUE

Cosmic Collection

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Luxe Collection CYNQUE

Luxe Collection

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Industrial Collection CYNQUE

Industrial Collection

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Sport Collection CYNQUE

Sport Collection

205Z Publishing Explore The Future Get CYNQUED Connect to Your Heritage Awaken Your Inner Evolutionary 2052 Survival Toolkit Read to Earn Anthologies of Andromeda Cosmic Collection CYNQUE Luxe Collection CYNQUE Industrial Collection CYNQUE Sport Collection CYNQUE

Explore the Future

1,111 Genesis 2052 Passports Claimed by the First Citizens of the Future. Obtainable by braving the Apocalyptic Timeline, Creativity, Collaboration, and Community involvement.

Acts as your IDENTITY in 2052 and Unlocks CYNQUE..

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