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The Year is 2052.

We Are On The Brink. Your Potential is All You Have. Your Potential is All You Need.
From What I Can See, You’re An Evolutionary.
A genetic anomaly with the Evolutionary potential for…flight? Telekinesis? Empathy? Energy manifestation?
Whatever your ability, we need all the potential we can get.
We’ve been waiting for you to arrive. 
205Z: Time and Salvation 205Z: Time and Salvation

What would you do with 215 Days Left?

The year is 2052, humanity’s last year on Earth. Natural disasters have ravaged the Earth leaving nations devastated, food and resources limited, and civil unrest rising among a doomed population crammed into claustrophobic cities. A hired team of Evolutionaries, humans with inexplicable genetic anomalies that manifest as abilities known as potentials - fight their way to the one thing that promises humanity’s salvation from the fast-approaching apocalypse. Time is Scarce. Freedom is Delicate. Heritage is Key.

Freedom is delicate Freedom is delicate

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205Z: Time and Salvation, the next installment in the Lost Children of Andromeda series is coming to life. Join the thousands upon thousands of other Evolutionaries already empowered by this story, and experience the world of 2052. We offer a gateway to discovering your most powerful self through soundscapes, art, merchandise, literature, and soon, even more!

Time is Scarce Time is Scarce

Cynque Journal Entries from 205Z

Civilian and Evolutionary stories from the Cynque Global Network.

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